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Welcome to Aphelion dearest traveler,

My motto is "to Lust is to Live" and I have so constructed my life, engaging in activities that I'm passionate about. This blog is no different; I've amassed a respectable library on all things erotic or could inform me on such a subject, thus these essays are in the genre of research.

Some pieces will be instructional, opinionated, informative, and others are exercises in what I call a "Whore Exposure"; which amounts to complaining about something I had to deal with in regards to prudish behavior or a sexual hypocrite.

Without further adieu, I present the darkest parts of my carnal brain- with a tint of Scarlet of course.

Wear your Scarlet A proudly fellow travelers of Himeros path.
-Aden A.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Everyone is Shallow

Everyone is shallow. Are you really going to sit there and tell me in a pussy-footing voice: “oh, I judge by personality.” BULLSHIT! You are a shallow, greedy, son of a (fill in favorite curse)-, which is a wonderful thing to be. I have no doubt in my mind that personality is a important factor in dating, or in the relationship, for dating is nothing but a series of applications and interviews for a job/role into the others psyche. But lust is the key to attracting another, you must DESIRE the person, you must want to shove two fingers in either end (depending on how “freaky” you are or your orientation), you must want to lick them from toe to forehead and make them scream your name, or vice versa. Everyone is shallow, for everyone wants to be with someone they first want to screw.

Could you really sleep with someone who is so nice, so funny, so wonderful to you, but four-hundred pounds of jiggling McDonalds, hair covering every inch of their body, and acne that puts a pubescent boy to shame? NO- YOU WOULDN’T! Unless those are fetishes, but even then you wouldn’t want a smooth, perfect skin, fit person… they would be ugly to you. Everyone is shallow, because everyone wants to be content with the person they’re pursuing.

Some would challenge this on the grounds that they’ve slept with or dated those who won them over through them being a nerd, dork, degenerate, ect. Well, upon further examination of their protests, you’ll find that those “exceptions” fulfill an archetypical fantasy/psycho-social need. They were physically attracted to these people because of their look.

Ok, lets go into a pet peeve of mine… Pan-sexuality (also known as omnisexual). Pan sexuality is defined by not being attracted to either gender, but a personality present in a human; that since some don’t take a gender title, and they have the potential to love these people, that they must only love personality. They don’t care what you look like, whether male or female, gay or straight, if they love your mind, then they’ll want your body. Ok… these people are sluts for one, sluts without standards; they are for the most part intellectually retarded bi-sexuals for two, and for three they must be blind, deaf, and mute.

Your eyes will lead you to covet, your olfactory will lead you to those sweet (or sour) excretions from the pores, and your ears will shove you in the direction of those heavenly voices. If you’re a pansexual, you must be someone who lacks physical stimulation- you should go get checked out, for your nervous system may be down. You are someone who cannot cope with the fact that you have a hard on, or your “special place” is getting wet for another- oh how disgusting and for shame upon those who express their luxuria.

Sex is not a condition of love; it’s a condition of lust- just like eating. You don’t love the animal you’re eating; you’re lusting after it. I could never stand people who are REAL whores, who go from relationship to relationship… whoring out your heart is far worse than whoring out a hole. And as we all know, a whore is someone who charges for sexual favors, these people charge their emotions… very very cheap (for if sex is meaningless in and of itself, you are more of a slut, or a sale). They use relationships as an excuse to boogie horizontally! Saying “oh, I love him/ her, oh I adore them…”Give me a break. These people don’t know the difference between love and sex; therefore they only know sex as love or love as sex. Talk about dangerous.

Sex is a bonus in the relationship, the reason one should enter a relationship is because you love them and do not want to associate with anyone else in that manner, also one may want to show them as an attribute of your pride (though if this is the sole reason- you’re a weak ass idiot).
I think the only people who are truly capable of giving true love are those who are capable of giving pure lust. Not saying a pre-requisite is a one- nightstand, but allowing yourself to be sexual within the earlier stages of dating is a prerequisite. Think of it this way- saving yourself for marriage and then finding out on your honey-moon that your man or women is absolutely awful in bed… I wouldn’t grant those people divorce- I’d say: “you avoided your bed, now lay in it!”

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